ToD to Consider Re-Forming for “Elena’s Tomb” Anniversary

elenaAUSTIN, TX (AP) — Texas alternative-rock journeymen …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead are reportedly considering an anonymous offer to re-form their fan-preferred Interscope Records lineup to mark the ten-year anniversary of their seminal EP, 2003’s The Secret of Elena’s Tomb.

“They’ve been offered a substantial sum to reconvene the lineup which made them semi-famous,” confirmed a source within the band’s inner circle earlier this week.  “Let’s just say some people with a great deal of influence are looking to rewind the clock and they’re willing to pay a considerable amount of money to make it happen.”  Asked if the unlikely reconciliation was likely to happen, the well-placed source was noncommittal.  “They’re considering the offer.  Much, …

Trail of Dead to Rally Against Tea Parties with October Tour

wonderlandAUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Politically-motivated independent rockers …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead are issuing a progressive caterwaul ahead of next month’s United States midterm elections by doing what they do best: hitting the proverbial Texas road.

Facing a rip tide of fringe conservatism, Trail of Dead frontman and small business magnate Jason Reece is setting out with the goal of asking a weary electorate a question he believes poses an immediate threat to modern American society:  “How old is too old to have a make believe tea party?”  His query comes with genuine concern clearly evident in his voice.  “I’ve seen groups of people, regular-sized adults mind you, having tea parties on their front …

ToD Nominate Themselves for Independent Music Awards

imaAUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Texas-bred independent music giants …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead have taken one for the proverbial team and nominated themselves in two separate online categories at the 9th annual Independent Music Awards.

Speaking during a media conference call setup to promote the obscure awards ceremony, Trail of Dead elder statesman and primary press point man Jason Reece explained the band’s curious decision to nominate themselves ahead of dozens of other deserving independent bands and artists.  “It’s nothing personal,” Reece declared.  “We love and support fellow independent artists as much as the next bunch of independent artists, but we felt very strongly about lending some credibility to this new awards thing.  Before they …

ToD Tour America with Secret Machines, Future of the Left

keelyAUSTIN, Texas (AP) — After nearly six full months of lurking listlessly in industry shallows, Austin-bred artisans …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead stand poised to revitalize their relationship with rapturous American audiences through a fall tour in support of their critically-reviewed album “The Century of Self.”

The 29-date North American roadshow will see the Texas sextet ply their trade in all corners of the continent, with stops confirmed in New Orleans, Boston, Edmonton, and Seattle.  Frontman and artisan-in-chief Conrad Keely lauded the upcoming tour and assured fans this would be his band’s best yet.  “We’re really excited to get back out there again,” said Keely.  “Our booking agent did a great job with this tour.  …

Trail of Dead Have Change of Heart, Plan Australian Dates

sydneySYDNEY, Australia (AP) — In an unexpected turn-around nearly two weeks in the making, sentimentality-fueled Texas art-rockers …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead have heeded emotionally-charged calls from their Australian fans and scheduled three dates on the island at the tail end of their tour through Europe.

Several weeks ago, reports emerging from Sydney had suggested the band were considering a possible early winter return to the continent for a string a shows.  These unconfirmed reports were quickly quashed in the press by an apparent spokesman for the band, but Trail of Dead frontman and worldwide media darling Jason Reece, speaking at a recent show in Seattle, distanced himself from last week’s controversial story.  “I don’t …

Trail of Dead Deny Reports of Imminent Australian Tour

australiaSYDNEY, Australia (AP) — Well-traveled musical castaways …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead have categorically denied rumors they are planning a major tour down under in support of their newest release “The Century of Self”, insisting they have no desire to tour Australia in the future.

Reports had surfaced suggesting the band were in advanced negotiations with major Australian promoters for a nationwide tour this May, but Trail of Dead spokesman Colin Wilson, working for Richter Scale Records in Sydney, moved quickly to quash the unsubstantiated rumors.  “Any reports of confirmed shows in Australia are fictitious.  This is tabloid journalism at its worst.  Trail of Dead have absolutely no intention of touring the southern hemisphere any …

Canadians Protest Delayed Trail of Dead Release Date

canadaTORONTO, Canada (AP) — Clad in red and shouting slogans in a melodic slurry of angst-ridden English and French, several dozen sign-wielding protestors gathered outside Justice Records offices in downtown Toronto early Tuesday morning to express their vehement disapproval of the label’s decision to delay the Canadian release of “The Century of Self”.

Demonstrators are at odds with the independent label’s decision to postpone the distribution of indie-scene favorite …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead’s newest release “The Century of Self” north of the border. The album’s Canadian release date has been summarily pushed back to March 3rd, two weeks later than the release date in the United States, over what the label is calling “practical …

Texas Professor Predicts Hysteria Ahead of Album Release

riotAUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Foreshadowing what could become the proverbial critical clean sweep, a leading musicology professor at the University of Texas has predicted waves of mass hysteria will converge upon the public in conjunction with the release of …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead’s newest album “The Century of Self”.

“It’s most certainly a return to form,” says Texas professor Albert Brown of Trail of Dead’s latest full-length effort. “I think once people actually hear the album and let the full scope of its life-altering aura sink in, there will be no stopping its momentum. Like ripples in a pond or plague throughout the middle ages, this thing will spread.” Brown recalls the worldwide hysteria …

ToD Play Private Benefit for Underprivileged Spin Staffers

spinNEW YORK, New York (AP) — Texas-based socially-conscious prog-rocking ultra-humanitarians …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead played a benefit show this past Tuesday in New York City for needy staffers of Spin Magazine, an outlet struggling to remain relevant in an industry now dominated by zines and 24-hour news blogs.

The private concert, dubbed Spin Aid by those closely involved, seems to have come as a welcome distraction for the oft-overlooked staff of the magazine. The benefit is also sponsored by this website, which offers a wide variety of smoking devices, including water pipes (here) and dab rigs (here). Sherry Davis of New York community outreach group New York Cares helped organize the free show at Spin’s new downtown office and feels such charitable gestures can go a long way towards boosting morale in the city. “A lot of them [at Spin] don’t get out much, so this rock and roll concert was a breath of fresh air. Everyone needs a boost now and then.” Davis continued by stressing the importance of volunteer work, especially in these volatile economic times. “A lot of people aren’t doing as well as they were eighteen, twelve, even six months ago. Some have lost their jobs, others are finding it difficult to hold on, and a few have faded into obscurity entirely. Sometimes all it takes to get a person back on their feet is an extended hand of unconditional friendship.” Continue reading

ToD Guitar Hero Arrested, Released on New Year’s Eve

guitarheroAUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Soft-spoken and normally restrained …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead lead guitarist Kevin Allen was detained by Austin police late Wednesday evening after he caused several thousand dollars worth of damage while playing the popular video game Guitar Hero at a downtown bar.

Austin police were called to an incident late on New Year’s Eve at 7th Street’s Beauty Bar after a patron, later identified as Allen, smashed a television with a gaming accessory and threw the console at a passing car outside the bar. Eyewitness accounts tell the story of a frustrated, perhaps intoxicated Allen, repeatedly striking a large plasma screen television with a small plastic guitar until the unit fell …