“Festival Thyme” Release Show Marks Symbolic Transition

generationNEW YORK, New York (AP) — Far-travelling alt-rockers …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead will make history this Tuesday with an appearance at New York’s Generation Records; it’s their first record release show outside of Austin since the band’s inception.

“It’s sad,” said band member turned small business investor Jason Reece in a press release. “I think, in a way, in its own way, it’s symbolic. It kinda confirms that we’re no longer a fully-fledged Austin band. We’re a band with multiple home bases. Austin, New York, Nashville, Afghanistan– we have band members all over the place. I don’t think it will ever be the same.” Since Trail of Dead was officially formed in 1994, each of the band’s record releases has coincided with a show in their adopted hometown of Austin, Texas. Tuesday’s show in New York will be the first time one of these shows has taken place outside Austin. Despite the seeming nostalgic devalue, Reece felt such change was inevitable. “Bands evolve and change as time goes on,” he explained. “Sounds change, band members come and go, you leave labels in fevers, that’s life in the industry. Sad or not, it’s life, man. We’ll move on and just keep on keepin’ on.”

Industry observer, renowned scholar, and Trail of Dead fan Oliver Wright isn’t concerned with the band’s symbolic cross-country shift. “I don’t mind at all. To be honest, it’s healthy. If you look throughout music history you’ll find that the most successful, longest-lived artists have each changed and adapted to the times. The Beatles, the Stones, Bob Dylan, Michael Jackson– they each re-invented themselves multiple times to stay in the game. Whether by choice or by no other choice, they made it work and they were able to push on. It’s a healthy, wonderful thing in the music industry and with all that’s happened recently, I’m glad to see Trail of Dead have realized it.”

“Without change life wouldn’t be worth living,” stated Wright. “It would be like living in the South.”

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