Keely Bucking for Final Fantasy Job with New Album Art

finalfantasyNEW YORK, New York (AP) — Polished album cover bon vivant and regular …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead contributor Conrad Keely has admitted he would be prepared to consider a change in careers should his series of original CG booklet art ever pique the interest of Square Enix Company executives.

A longtime admirer of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy series, Keely confirmed in a recent interview he may be ready to move on from his full-time musical career given the proper situation. “It wouldn’t be easy to step away,” he acknowledged, “and it certainly wouldn’t be a decision I’d take lightly, but everyone has dreams, ambitions, whatever, and this would most definitely fulfill one of mine.” The multifaceted artist confesses his musical career has at times been hampered by his preoccupation with Final Fantasy and other computer games. “I don’t think my [obsession] has done the band any good. When Fable came out on Xbox in 2004, I couldn’t pull myself away long enough to work on the new record [Worlds Apart]. It may have even been why we were forced to delay the release by four months. Whenever something new of that sort comes along and I find out about it, forget it. I’m gone.”

In recent years, Keely has found inspiration in computer-generated art and has made an effort to push himself away from the gaming community. “It’s a different way to get my fill. I guess it’s more fulfilling to create a character or a world than it is to muddle around with someone else’s creations. Maybe that’s why I’d consider doing something like that full-time. Music is great, don’t get me wrong, but it isn’t life’s be all and end all. There are other things out there and it’s important for me, as an artist, to go out and insert my ZIP drive in all the wondrous USB ports life has to offer.”

“Who knows,” Keely declared, “I could just drop the ball point pen art from our new album and do some more CG.”

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