New, Independent Trail of Dead Album Due in September

superball2AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Longtime indie heroes …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead stand poised to return to their roots this September with the worldwide release of an as-of-yet untitled album through a smattering of independent labels.

Trail of Dead multi-instrumentalist and band spokesman Jason Reece hailed the return to independent labels as a “liberating experience” and concluded it would be the masterstroke of the band’s career-revitalizing pièce de résistance. “It feels great,” culled a typically idealistic Reece. “Having behind-the-scenes things sorted has really allowed us to push forward. The last few years with Interscope felt like we were sailing into the wind or plodding up a steep slope with people rolling giant boulders down on top of us. Now that we’ve kicked those people aside, we’re definitely over the top and starting to roll victoriously back down again.” While still admittedly ambitious, Reece is making sure to keep his short term goals within reach. “We’re not out to conquer the world,” he declared. “We just want to put out a record our fans will enjoy, a record to surprise non-fans, and a record we can be proud of. I think we’re in a great position to do that.”

Though the identity of Trail of Dead’s independent imprint in the United States remains unannounced, German-based Superball Music will serve as the band’s outlet to the European market. “Superball made us a great offer we couldn’t refuse,” said Reece. “Even though they’re just starting out and looking to establish themselves as a viable independent label, we were impressed by their enthusiasm and affinity for grassroots promotion. That’s how you sell in Europe, with enthusiasm, buzz, and word of mouth. If we lay the base, kick out a great record and tour until the end of our rope, they’ve promised to get down on their knees and do us a few favors.”

Trail of Dead will hit the road again starting this Thursday with a show at the Academy in Dublin, Ireland.

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