New Trail of Dead Album Likely to Be Delayed for Months

todNEW YORK, New York (AP) — Despite recent reports of finality, bohemian Texas troubadours …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead now appear poised to delay the release of their newest album for several months, citing a crowded New Year release slate.

The as-of-yet untitled follow-up to 2006’s critically unacclaimed “So Divided” had been penciled in by band members and management for an early January release, but financial uncertainty and looming industry turmoil has forced the band’s burgeoning self-financed label, Richter Scale Records, to reconsider their bearings and hastily scribble-erase the penciled “January” in favor of the more frugal “to be determined”. Recurring Trail of Dead frontman and apparent Richter Scale Records Chairman Conrad Keely tried his best to explain the rational for delaying the record’s release date. “It happens sometimes in the industry,” he lamented. “We just didn’t want to feel as if the record was being swept under the rug.”

“We’re done recording, it’s mixed, mastered, and ready to go,” Keely continued. “Everything [with the record] is finalized except the title and the packaging. January is plenty of time for me to doodle out a few ball point pen sketches for the album artwork, but when we sat down and took a look at the release schedule for January, we realized we would be competing with several bands and artists who are more or less on par with us in terms of stature and popularity. In our present situation, what with the market as it is, everyone got together and agreed it would be better to step back, compose ourselves and do what’s best for the record. We need to give it the best possible chance to succeed. We can’t afford not to. Literally.”

Despite the fiscally unavoidable delay of their full-length, Trail of Dead’s teaser EP “Festival Thyme” is still expected to be released in digital format and 10″ vinyl on October 21st.

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