ToD Consider Releasing Digital Greatest Hits Album

eagles2AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Enduring Texas-bred hit factory …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead are in advanced talks with several major online music retailers over the possible release of a digital greatest hits compilation after finding inspiration in an unlikely source, greatest hits champions Eagles.

Many high profile industry insiders had predicted a greatest hits or best of compilation on the horizon for Trail of Dead after their split with long-time providers Interscope Records, but part-frontman Jason Reece revealed the process was never that cut and dry. “We decided a while back when Interscope [Records] came to us and said they wanted to do a ‘best of’ physical release that we weren’t into it. Nobody wants greatest hits CDs from new artists. They only want the classics.” He continued, citing positive offers for digital alternatives. “After we left Interscope, we had conversations with iTunes, Rhapsody, places like that, about doing something digitally. There are a lot of different angles we could take. I mean, we looked at a band like the Eagles, looked at what they did back in the 70s. They put out a greatest hits album of their first five years together and it went on to become the best selling record in the United States. That sort of thinking was off the beaten path, looked odd at the time, but it worked. Maybe we could do something similar.”

Reece went on to proclaim the prospective Trail of Dead “best of” record would only include songs selected by each individual patron, creating what might presumably become the first à la carte style greatest hits album in music history. “We don’t want to force songs down throats,” he said. “Something we think is great and ground-breaking might be hated by a good portion of the fanbase. We don’t want anyone’s first reaction to be ‘oh, this song sucks, why is it here’ or ‘I hate these crappy pretentious pseudo-prog fillers’. If we give them a choice, let them choose a few from each album and actually enjoy the process of picking and creating, they might look at [the songs] in a different light. Music is meant to be a visceral experience, you know. Everyone should experience it in their own way.”

“This isn’t the Catholic Church,” alleged Reece. “We’re not into sheep.”

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