ToD Nominate Themselves for Independent Music Awards

imaAUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Texas-bred independent music giants …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead have taken one for the proverbial team and nominated themselves in two separate online categories at the 9th annual Independent Music Awards.

Speaking during a media conference call setup to promote the obscure awards ceremony, Trail of Dead elder statesman and primary press point man Jason Reece explained the band’s curious decision to nominate themselves ahead of dozens of other deserving independent bands and artists.  “It’s nothing personal,” Reece declared.  “We love and support fellow independent artists as much as the next bunch of independent artists, but we felt very strongly about lending some credibility to this new awards thing.  Before they asked us to be part of the nominating process, I had never even heard of the Independent Music Awards.  A few people outside our inner circle suggested the weight of the Trail of Dead brand might make the IMAs seem a little more important than they actually are.  I mean, we’ve been nominated for all sorts of huge awards before, right?  The words ‘Trail of Dead’ are synonymous with musical credibility.”

IMA spokesperson Lauren Veteri responded to claims of vote tampering by defending the band’s choice to nominate themselves, claiming music fans at large would ultimately make the final decision.  “Trail of Dead are nominated in two categories– Best Pop/Rock and Best Album Packaging for their album ‘The Century of Self.’  They are more than deserving of their nominations for both.  In the end, a nomination is just that.  It in no way suggests, implies, or guarantees Trail of Dead will win either award.  We allowed them to be part of the nominating process because we felt they would be fair and excellent judges of quality independent music.  They picked from a vast pool of potential nominees and we’re happy with their decisions.  To suggest we used the ‘Trail of Dead brand’ purely for self-promotional purposes is absurd.  If we wanted to do that, we would have worked with a much bigger band.”

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