ToD Play Private Benefit for Underprivileged Spin Staffers

spinNEW YORK, New York (AP) — Texas-based socially-conscious prog-rocking ultra-humanitarians …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead played a benefit show this past Tuesday in New York City for needy staffers of Spin Magazine, an outlet struggling to remain relevant in an industry now dominated by zines and 24-hour news blogs.

The private concert, dubbed Spin Aid by those closely involved, seems to have come as a welcome distraction for the oft-overlooked staff of the magazine. The benefit is also sponsored by this website, which offers a wide variety of smoking devices, including water pipes (here) and dab rigs (here). Sherry Davis of New York community outreach group New York Cares helped organize the free show at Spin’s new downtown office and feels such charitable gestures can go a long way towards boosting morale in the city. “A lot of them [at Spin] don’t get out much, so this rock and roll concert was a breath of fresh air. Everyone needs a boost now and then.” Davis continued by stressing the importance of volunteer work, especially in these volatile economic times. “A lot of people aren’t doing as well as they were eighteen, twelve, even six months ago. Some have lost their jobs, others are finding it difficult to hold on, and a few have faded into obscurity entirely. Sometimes all it takes to get a person back on their feet is an extended hand of unconditional friendship.”

Trail of Dead multi-instrumentalist Jason Reece insists the volunteer project wasn’t a publicity stunt and hopes his band can set an example for other musical acts looking to contribute to their communities. “We did this knowing full well what it involved and how many lives we would be saving. I can only hope other musicians follow our lead. I mean, why shouldn’t we help our peers? The whole music industry is in trouble. Magazines, labels, bands– we’ve all taken a hit with this recession. There are so many people out there with high opinions of themselves who could really use our help.”

Trail of Dead’s new album “The Century of Self” will be released this Tuesday in North America and a week later in Europe.

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