ToD to Consider Re-Forming for “Elena’s Tomb” Anniversary

elenaAUSTIN, TX (AP) — Texas alternative-rock journeymen …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead are reportedly considering an anonymous offer to re-form their fan-preferred Interscope Records lineup to mark the ten-year anniversary of their seminal EP, 2003’s The Secret of Elena’s Tomb.

“They’ve been offered a substantial sum to reconvene the lineup which made them semi-famous,” confirmed a source within the band’s inner circle earlier this week.  “Let’s just say some people with a great deal of influence are looking to rewind the clock and they’re willing to pay a considerable amount of money to make it happen.”  Asked if the unlikely reconciliation was likely to happen, the well-placed source was noncommittal.  “They’re considering the offer.  Much, much stranger things have happened to this band in the past.  Just Google it.”

A reunion of early Interscope-era Trail of Dead would require the re-emergence of two of the band’s most beloved former principals, lead guitarist Kevin Allen and bassist Neil Busch.  Renowned chain-smoker Allen, who left Trail of Dead in late 2009 to pursue a master’s degree in theology from the University of Texas at Austin, would seem the most likely to return to the proverbial fold given his current residence in Austin and well-known personal agreeability.  The reappearance of popular songwriter Busch, who mysteriously disappeared in the summer of 2004, would seem less likely given the fact no one has seen or heard from him in over eight years.

“The remaining members know the releases of Worlds Apart and So Divided literally split their fans in two,” continued the source on a related train of thought.  “One half was made up of the newer fans who, for some reason, preferred the contrarian, progressive ‘we want to be the Texas Rush’ direction of those two albums.  The other side were the elitist diehards who preferred the artsy, Neil-centric ‘let’s all go build models of medieval European cathedrals’ aura of the first three.  Worlds Apart ruined the synergy of the base.”

“It’s going to take a lot to stitch the bodies back together,” lamented the source.  “Kevin and Neil are outstanding tailors.”

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