Trail of Dead Have Change of Heart, Plan Australian Dates

sydneySYDNEY, Australia (AP) — In an unexpected turn-around nearly two weeks in the making, sentimentality-fueled Texas art-rockers …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead have heeded emotionally-charged calls from their Australian fans and scheduled three dates on the island at the tail end of their tour through Europe.

Several weeks ago, reports emerging from Sydney had suggested the band were considering a possible early winter return to the continent for a string a shows.  These unconfirmed reports were quickly quashed in the press by an apparent spokesman for the band, but Trail of Dead frontman and worldwide media darling Jason Reece, speaking at a recent show in Seattle, distanced himself from last week’s controversial story.  “I don’t know who this dude was who said all that stuff, but he wasn’t speaking on our behalf.  I think he was fired by the label or something.”  Reece took the time to confirm the band were planning on touring Australia in the near future.  “Yeah, we’ll be there in May for a few shows.  We love our Australian fans and we appreciate their love.  Livid [Festival] was great and we’ve wanted to come back ever since, things just haven’t worked out.  This time we’ll be back for sure.  It’s totally confirmed.  I don’t know about anyone else [in the band], but I loved Crocodile Dundee.”

Having followed the story closely, Sydney Morning Herald music columnist and avid fan Frazer Cahill thinks last Friday’s story was fed to the media in good humor by the band and its promoters to create a buzz in anticipation of this week’s tour announcement.  “There’s no doubt in my mind they did it to stir up controversy,” Cahill declared.  “A few of my compatriots got all worked up and lost their heads over a clear non-story.  Trail of Dead have a long and well-documented history of misdirection in the media.  Interviews, press releases, promotional materials– I’m actually surprised more people didn’t see it coming.”  Cahill admitted he got the joke almost instantaneously.  “When I read last week’s story in the papers down here all I could do was smile.  Anyone who could believe such an obviously fabricated story needs to have their head examined.”

Trail of Dead’s headlining Australian tour begins May 28th in Brisbane and ends two days later in Melbourne.

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