Trail of Dead Rebuff American Festivals in Favor of Europe

lollapalooza2AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Festival-faring favorites …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead have declined several offers to play two of this summer’s largest American music festivals, preferring instead to save themselves for the larger European festivals.

The Texas-based vagabonds reportedly turned down incentive-laden offers from two of the most prominent American festivals, Chicago’s Lollapalooza and Austin’s own Austin City Limits Festival, to leave the door open for potential appearances during the summer’s European festival run. While completed lineups for the biggest European festivals have already been in place for several months, Trail of Dead focal point and lyrical frontrunner Conrad Keely feels cancellations are inevitable and hopes his band will be called on to make a fill-in, show-stopping appearance. “It happened a couple years ago in Belgium or something when we were asked last minute to replace the Mars Volta who had pulled out,” recalled Keely. “The festival organizers called us the day before and asked if we could help. We had already been booked at a smaller festival for mid-afternoon, but they paid to fly us out after our first set and we made it in time to close the stage.”

“Things like that happen all the time over there,” Keely continued. “You don’t get it over here [in America]. There simply aren’t enough festivals. There isn’t any sort of camaraderie between the bands, the fans, and the promoters. When we played Lollapalooza [in 2005], the promoters gave us a nice trailer before the set. As soon as we got off stage, we went back to the trailer only to find they had given it away to another band. What message is that supposed to send? I don’t know about other bands in our situation, but I don’t appreciate being pampered, used, and then tossed aside like a one hit wonder. That’s not something easily forgotten, especially when they come crawling back three years later. We’re keeping our options open.”

“Besides, who would want to go to Chicago in the summer? I’m a pacifist. I couldn’t stomach being around all those murders.”

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