Trail of Dead to Rally Against Tea Parties with October Tour

wonderlandAUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Politically-motivated independent rockers …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead are issuing a progressive caterwaul ahead of next month’s United States midterm elections by doing what they do best: hitting the proverbial Texas road.

Facing a rip tide of fringe conservatism, Trail of Dead frontman and small business magnate Jason Reece is setting out with the goal of asking a weary electorate a question he believes poses an immediate threat to modern American society:  “How old is too old to have a make believe tea party?”  His query comes with genuine concern clearly evident in his voice.  “I’ve seen groups of people, regular-sized adults mind you, having tea parties on their front lawns, in parks, and in Wal-Mart parking lots.  What sort of message does that send to our children?  That it’s alright to live in a dream world?  That it’s alright to be crazy well into your fifties?  Someone has to take a stand and say, hey, what’s happening to my country?  When did we all get sucked down a rabbit hole?  I don’t know how it is for other people, but I stopped having tea parties when I was nine years old.”

Despite maintaining a lower musical profile over the past several years, Trail of Dead has remained profoundly active in various political causes spanning the length of the globe.  “We played Moscow a few years ago to protest injustices against Chechnya and about a month ago we headlined a major Communist Party festival in China,” said Reece proudly.  “I would like to believe that we’ve had a similar political impact to people like [Bob] Dylan or [Pete] Seeger in the 1960s, or John Philip Sousa at the turn of the century.”  Reece, stressing his band’s positive domestic campaign credentials, insists he’s simply working for the greater good.  “We worked closely with bands like [the] Arcade Fire during the 2008 election to ensure George W. Bush didn’t get a third term as President and I think it worked.”

Trail of Dead’s string of tour dates starts tomorrow night in Dallas and ends with a Halloween rally in Austin.

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