University of Texas Awards Jason Reece with Honorary MBA

utexasAUSTIN, Texas (AP) — The University of Texas at Austin made history on Monday by presenting long-time Austin resident, business investor, and mainstream musician Jason Reece with an honorary Master of Business Administration degree, the first such honor bestowed upon a non-Texas native in the school’s illustrious 125 year history.

University of Texas President William Powers presented Reece with the degree at an intimate ceremony just outside the McCombs School of Business. In his remarks, Powers made reference to the historic nature of the presentation and paid tribute to Reece’s long-standing relationship with Austin’s business community. “Whether it’s with his timeless music, fearless entrepreneurial spirit, or consummate and enduring kinship, Jason Reece has been a respected and valued member of our community for the better part of two decades. His selfless attitude has served as inspiration for countless disenfranchised youths who would have otherwise been tragically lost in a barbarous world of debauchery and perpetual grief. His stern yet comforting presence in each diverse aspect of our financial district has served to promote growth and good faith between industries. Without his contributions to our great community, it’s perfectly safe to say Austin would not be the wonderful place it is today.”

Reece, who moved to Austin in the early 1990s after having spent most of his formative years in Hawaii, was gracious in his acceptance and acknowledged the scope of his award. “I’m truly at a loss,” he declared. “I really don’t have a clue what to say. I can’t thank the people at the university enough. Sixteen years ago I could have never envisioned anything like this happening. To be honored in such a massive way has truly brought everything home. I look forward to staying here in my adopted hometown for a long, long time and working even deeper within the music and business communities to help keep Austin on the straight and narrow.”

“After all, no one wants to see us turn into Houston.”

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